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Managing spam emails in Outlook/Office 365
Last Updated 3 years ago

Office 365 protects your mailbox against spam, phishing and other threats. Most of the settings that manage this protection are controlled by the Applied Technology Department. You do have some additional controls that you can use to customize spam protection for your mailbox.

Email determined by Office 365 to be Spam is automatically delivered to your "Junk Email" folder in Outlook. Email residing in this folder will be automatically deleted 30 days after delivery so it is important to check that folder occasionally to see if there are items in that folder that are not spam. If you receive such items you can move them to your inbox. If you have a sender that regularly sends email that get put in the "Junk Email" folder you should add that sender to the "Safe Sender" list for your mailbox.

If you receive items in your inbox that you consider to be Spam, you can move them to the "Junk Email" folder. Office 365 will look at the items in the "Junk Email" folder to learn how to better detect Spam. 

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